Domains extension: What do they mean?

You are probably familiar with the concept of domains extension, but do you know what they really mean? Obviously, they are here to help us figure out what the website is all about. According to many experts, there are three main categories of domain extensions – .com, .net and .org. We will start with the most popular one and that’s .com.

The domain extension .com is used by businesses or individuals focused on commercial activities. On the other hand, .org is usually used by organizations while .net is used by networks. Keep in mind that the .org domain extension is usually used by trade organizations and non-profit organizations and NGOs. On the other hand, .net is usually used by businesses that are somewhat associated with Internet technology.

Experienced Internet users and website owners know that there are many other types of domain extensions out there and every now and then, their number is increasing. Some other popular extensions are .info, .us, and .biz. The .info is used by news sites and information sites, .biz is typically used by small businesses and .us is frequently used by US-based businesses.

When you notice domain extensions like .ca,, .ru, and .eu, you should know that these extensions are related to specific geographical regions and countries.   For instance, .ca is the online code for Canada while .eu is used for the European Union.

Besides these domain extensions that are frequently used today, there are other types of extensions that are associated with different things. For example, there are governmental and educational extensions too like .gov and .edu. In most cases, .gov is used by central governmental agencies around the globe. On the other hand, .edu is used by educational organizations like colleges and faculties. It’s interesting that elementary schools and high-schools usually use .org and/or country codes.

When people are trying to create a new website, they are usually focused on the domain name. However, it turns out that choosing adequate domain extension is equally important. As we already said, .com is still the most widely used domain extension. If you don’t have a specific website located with something else, it would be best to opt for .com extension. Don’t forget that it is possible to register a domain name at a lower rate in case you decide to use an extension that is less popular like .info for example.

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