The Most Used Domains Extension Options

Domains Extension Options

When people are talking about the World Wide Web and all the websites found there, most of them are thinking about .com websites. This short word that serves as an ending to the domain name is what domains extensions are all about. They have a specific role in the domain name and that’s why there are many different extensions available to website owners. As a matter of fact, there are dozens of them and their number is growing from time to time.

However, if you do some research, you will notice that .com is by far, the most used domain extension. Some other examples of popular and frequently used domain extensions and .org. These three examples of domain extensions represent top level domain extensions. There is no official statistics, but some experts suggest that around 90% of websites have these extensions.

To make things clearer, we will highlight the fact that .com is designed for websites focused on commercial activities. On the other hand, .net was designed for non-commercial websites, primarily for personal sites. Finally, .org was created for non-profit organizations and NGOs. But, the truth is that there are no strict rules related to these extensions and there are cases when some websites don’t fit into any of these categories, but still use these extensions. For example, personal websites can end while websites that have commercial components use .org and .net extensions.

One of the main reasons for this improper use of domains extensions is the fact that most of the domain names are already taken. Due to the fact, that it is not illegal to use the same domain name with a different extension, some website owners have decided to use this loophole and register the domain name that they have always wanted. For instance, if you want to register a domain name like healthandlove and .com is taken, you can probably register Keep in mind that this can cause a conflict with some search engines.

When it comes to selecting the right domain extension, you should know that your decision should be closely related to the nature of your website. Generally speaking, it’s better to opt for .com extension, but people have witnessed success with .org and .net extensions too. There are some other options too, but the number of websites that use these extensions is relatively low and we can’t analyze their success based on this indicator.

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